Fuel Doctor 250ml


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If you are looking for the ultimate fuel system cleaner and conditioner, look no further than the Australian made, Fuel Doctor Fuel Conditioner. Fuel Doctor has been formulated to clean and disperse gums, varnish, condensation, microbial and biological growths while also improving fuel delivery and combustion performance; Increasing fuel economy and minimising harmful emissions. Fuel Doctor also provides upper cylinder lubrication qualities and with ongoing use will help prevent fuel and Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) blockages. Fuel Doctor is suitable to use in all petrol and diesel engines and will stabilise and extend fuel life for up to 24 months

Using Fuel Doctor Duel Conditioner is simple, just add it to your fuel tank when you next top up. For best results, shock treat your tank initially with 250mL (suitable for tanks up to 100L) prior to refilling. Once the shock treatment has been applied, ongoing treatment of 25mL per tank will then maintain optimum cleanliness and economy. Vehicles with an excess of 100,000km should shock treat two or three tanks prior to maintenance treatment.

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Dimensions 230 × 130 × 70 mm

Fuel Doctor



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