REDARC Dual Boost And EGT Gauge


Categories: , Part No. G52-BEA


The REDARC 52mm G52-BEA gauge measures boost pressure and exhaust gas temperature. It has a peak hold function and supports an optional Hall effect current sensor.

Satin Chrome Bezel
13 Selectable Backlight Colours
EGT and boost peak hold functions
Multiple programmable alert levels with amber or red backlight and audible beep

Display illuminates when park lights are turned on so you can view the EGT needle and boost display without turning on the ignition. If fitting more than one REDARC gauge, a communications link can be connected between the gauges to change the backlight colour of all at once.

Kit Contents:
52mm gauge with wiring harnesses for power/programming and connection to sensor interface
MAP Sensor interface box
Diesel EGT pyrometer probe with 1/8 inch NPT compression fitting and 9 inch lead wire.
1.8m Hose with T-Piece to tap into vehicles manifold boost/vac hose
K-Type thermo coupler
Weld in mounting bung
Mounting bracket with fasteners and P-Clip

Additional information

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 90 × 60 × 70 mm




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