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Cairns Diesel Service are one of a handful of workshops in Australia that service, repair, overhaul, test and code EUI Injectors. We understand the EUI market is becoming challenging as the industry technology changes, so we are proud to offer this service. 

It can be difficult finding a place to fix EUI Injectors, but here at Cairns Diesel we have the technology and capabilities to undertake these repairs. 


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The CAT EUI Injectors are divided into 3 groups. The smaller C10-C12 type, medium C-13-32 type and the largest type 3500.

The C-Series Engines range in size from 10 to 32 litres, with each engine named after its corresponding liter measurment. For example, the C10 engine is a 10-litre engine, while the C15 is a 15 litre engine and so on.

Perkins engines are named differently, but the injectors are identical to the CAT ones and can be grouped the same way.

The 3500 Series engines are the largest of the three, ranging from 8 cylinder (3508) 12 cylinder (3512) 16 cylinder (3516).The 3524 engine actually 2 engines joined together making a 24 cylinder engine.

Fuel injectors operate similarly, with matching solenoid and actuator components. Differences in the plunger and nozzle assemblies, however, result in varying fuel amounts being delivered.

caterpillar C SERIES & 3500

The Caterpillar C Series engines, commonly employed in heavy equipment and industrial applications, utilize EUI technology for precise fuel delivery and performance.

Detroit Diesel Series 60

The Detroit Diesel Series 60 engines, widely used in commercial trucks, buses, and industrial applications, feature EUI injectors for efficient and controlled fuel delivery.

John Deere PowerTech E Series

John Deere's PowerTech E Series engines, commonly found in agricultural, construction, and forestry equipment, feature EUI injectors to enhance fuel efficiency and engine response.

MTU Series 4000

MTU, a renowned provider of high-performance diesel engines, incorporates EUI injectors in its Series 4000 engines, which power a diverse range of applications including marine vessels, power generation, and heavy machinery.

Volvo Penta D12 Series

The Volvo Penta D12 Series marine engines utilize EUI technology to optimize fuel delivery and performance in various marine propulsion applications.


We are able to repair EUI Injectors but in the event that it is damaged beyond repair we can offer a cost effective solution of a remanufactured EUI Injector. We sell both brand new and remanufactured.


Check out some of the jobs we've done with EUI Injectors in our workshop

Detroit 60 Series EUI Injectors Overhaul and Rebuild at Cairns Diesel Service
Detroit 60 Series EUI Injectors Overhaul and Rebuild at Cairns Diesel Service
EUI Injectors
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