We've tried to take the guess work out of preparing for mechanical repairs

We cannot answer this without first diagnosing your vehicle. But we will always keep you informed along the repair process.

This is our process

  • Customer drops off Vehicle / Diesel injection equipment / Turbocharger / ECU for repairs or tuning
  • We diagnose and quote the customer
  • Once accepted we carry out repairs
  • If we find other issues we call and keep you up to date
  • Customer collects their repaired item up

Yes! While car dealers may try to make you believe otherwise, you don’t have to take your car back to them for servicing. Going to an independent servicing and repair shop will not affect your vehicles warranty.

Despite what your dealer may say, or the impression you get reading the logbook or warranty terms, you’re legally entitled to shop around for the best servicing deal without voiding your manufacturer’s warranty (note: the rules are different for extended warranties).

We understand it’s not always an accessible service, so we will travel to Regional Far North Queensland and surrounding areas for your off-road DPF and emission solutions

Travis has travelled up to Weipa, down to Mackay and all the regional towns in-between to repair our customers machinery.

Contact us for any enquires and we could come to you! 

Most manufacturers recommend a service schedule for each model they make. This will be detailed in the vehicle’s logbook or owner’s manual. But as a general rule you should be having your vehicle professionally serviced every six months or 10,000km (whichever comes first).

Getting your car serviced in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations will not only help to preserve its value it will also ensure the vehicle is safe to operate. Regular servicing will also highlight problems such as worn timing belts. Replacing these components before they break will be much cheaper than rebuilding the engine later.

We provide services for all passenger vehicles, including both petrol and diesel engines. This includes 4WDs as well as light trucks.

Give us a call, and our friendly staff will let you know our next availability to book you in

We use both genuine and non-genuine parts for all our services. Our commitment to quality ensures that your vehicle and equipment function efficiently and remain in optimal condition for longer periods. However, we also understand that cost can be a significant factor for some customers. Therefore, we offer non-genuine parts that are of the same high quality as their authentic counterparts, but at an affordable price point. You can rest assured that the non-genuine parts we stock have undergone rigorous testing and meet the same standards as the genuine ones. This means that you can enjoy the benefits of using quality parts without breaking the bank. Whether you need genuine or non-genuine parts, we’ve got you covered with our commitment to quality and affordability.

These days there are so many types of oils for all applications. An older vehicle with no DPF will use a very different oil to a newer DPF model. There is low ash, semi-synthetic, full synthetic the list goes on.

But to put your mind at ease you can rest assured we always use the same grade of oil as specified by the vehicle manufacturer. Our preferred oil supplier is Castrol oils.