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Logbook Services

When you're looking for a trustworthy mechanic, look for someone who can offer you a logbook service

We offer scheduled logbook servicing to keep your vehicle running as it should. As an accredited repairer we are able to service your vehicle during it's warranty period - no need to pay premium dealer fees

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Basic Service

Full Service

Major Service

Extensive Knowledge

Our technicians will comply with all the required regulations during any repairs. Thus, they’ll ensure your diesel engine and fuel injector are functioning properly without voiding your factory warranty.​

Genuine Parts

Our team will use only the best parts on the market to complete your repairs. With CDS Cairns Diesel Service’s comprehensive logbook service, you can rely on the perfect blend of quality repairs and a paper trail. With those two factors, your diesel vehicle will be brought back to working condition today without sacrificing warranty coverage for tomorrow.


If your car or 4WD has any issues that are covered under warranty, our logbook service in Cairns will reveal them. Additionally, our technicians will thoroughly log them appropriately so that you have all of the necessary supporting documentation to justify a warranty claim.


A logbook car service includes a thorough check of your vehicle to manufacturer standards, which will include looking at both the inside and outside of your car. These services will also include the changing of oil and filters and anything else carried out in a standard service

Your vehicles logbook will have an advised timeline on when to next service your vehicle. This is generally required every 10,000km’s or every 6 months

Yes, but when your warranty period is complete we can fit your vehicle with non-genuine parts if you prefer. The non-genuine parts have a slighty lower price tag, so we stock both to best cater to your needs

Not at all! You can have your car serviced by other mechanics, but they must be an accredited mechanic workshop like us here at Cairns Diesel Service

The majority of non-genuine parts that we supply are just as good quality as genuine parts. They are designed to function the same as the original, and over the years we have figured out which non-genuine parts stand the test of time.