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Diesel and Petrol Vehicles

We offer a number of essential vehicle services such as Road Worthy Certificates, Logbook Servicing and General Repairs. Cairns Diesel Service is an approved RACQ repairer and trusted in superior diagnostic support

diesel fuel injection

Repairs, Testing and Sales

Specializing in Diesel Fuel Injection we repair, overhaul and test a wide range of Injectors and Pumps including Common Rail and Pre Common Rail systems. We are a certified Bosch Workshop with the latest state of the art technology and test benches


4WD, Agricultural, Off-Road

Reprogram the ECU of your vehicle to increase power, performance, and fuel economy up to 20%. We can safely extract data and carry out modifications to help your engine run more efficiently


Sales, Service, Repairs

We carry out repairs for all turbochargers including petrol and diesel, or if its more cost effective we can supply you with a brand new genuine replacement

custom dyno tuning

Dyno Tune Diesel 4WD

Dyno Tuning that is performed to suit the needs of your vehicle, to provide more torque, power, response, better drivability & better fuel economy for the long term


4WD Performance Chip

A Performance Chip will reprogram factory-set limitations overlaying new signals on your ECU resulting in dramatic increases in horsepower, torque and overall performance

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