Bosch Common Rail Pressure Limiting Valve


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This is a genuine Bosch Common Rail Pressure Limiting Valve for various Diesel applications

Once fitted, let the vehicle idle until the engine has reached operating temperature. Then take your vehicle for a light 5 minute drive, ensuring you are using all different revs. The valve sits on the end of the common rail and has no wires.

This part is compatible with various vehicle types and applications

Bosch – 1110010015
Cummins – 3974093
Cummins – 5317174
Deutz / KHD – 01182560
Deutz / KHD – 1182560
FNH – 1110010028
FNH – 5801474163
Fendt – V837079623
MAN – 51103040291
MTU – 7420793590
MTU – J5600-1111A-05-A38
MTU – X57507700008
Renault – 74 20 793 590
Volvo – 20793590
Volvo – 3884350

Additional information

Weight 0.113 kg
Dimensions 112 × 68 × 66 mm




 If you are uncertain this is the correct part, please contact Cairns Diesel Service and provide us with your OEM genuine part number, the number from the original part or your VIN prior to purchase. This ensures we supply you with the correct application that will fit your vehicle.


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