4 Signs Your Diesel Fuel Injectors Need Replacing

Is your vehicle driving with lack of power, misfiring and not running right? This may be a sign your Diesel Fuel Injectors are worn and need to be replaced. A contaminated fuel injection system or worn fuel injector can often supply the incorrect amount of fuel to the engine resulting in poor performance.

What are signs of worn injectors?

1. Misfiring
Do you find your vehicle misfiring on ignition? Once again, this could be due to the fuel injector either needing a thorough clean in case it is clogged, or an intermittent failure to open.

2. Fluctuating Power
 If your vehicle is revving inconsistently or your RPM gauge is up and down, this may be a sign your fuel injector needs a clean. A contaminated fuel injection system or worn fuel injector can often supply inconsistent amounts of fuel to the engine, resulting in poor performance.

3. Fuel Odors
The smell of diesel fuel means you most likely have a leak. This may be due to a crack in an injector seal, or the result of a valve not closing correctly

4. Reduced Fuel Economy
If you notice a sudden and ongoing decrease in your fuel economy, this could be due to worn injectors. Worn injectors burn more fuel to achieve the required performance output.

How often should I replace my injectors?

The life expectancy of a good quality diesel fuel injector is around 150,000 kilometers. Once you pass that come in and see us for a full replacement. The price of Injectors can range anywhere from $300- $1000 depending on what vehicle you have. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on brand new injectors, we have the solution for you!

Need Affordable Fuel Injectors?
We got you covered

Here at Cairns Diesel Service, we offer an in-house Exchange program that remanufactures used core parts to provide a more cost effective solution for our customers. You can buy professionally remanufactured diesel fuel Injectors from us at an affordable price. We have a team of professional Diesel Fuel Injection technicians that are trained to properly restore and calibrate all Common Rail and Pre-Common Rail applications.

Our team ensure OE quality, durability and reliability, but at a substantially lower cost. Not only does this program save you money, remanufacturing saves tons of used materials from being dumped each year. In our workshop parts are completely disassembled, cleaned and inspected to the highest standard. Once repaired, the parts are tested, both as a sub-assembly and as an end product. We ensure all of your parts perform just like new and comply with the OES warranty conditions.

Depending on your vehicle, we offer Diesel Fuel Injectors from as little as $85! You can visit us at the workshop to pick up your Exchange Injectors today, or visit our online store and shop from the comfort of your home. So save money where you can and shop exchange.

If you have any questions at all, give us a call on 07 4051 2386 or email service@cairnsdiesel.com.au today. We are here to help!

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