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Remaned Exchange Injectors Reduce Waste Cairns Diesel Service Reman and Sell Injectors

Remanufactured Exchange Injectors Reduce Waste

It’s not lost on us that the Diesel industry has an environmental impact, so finding innovative ways to reduce our waste and recycle resources is crucial. Remanufacturing diesel fuel injectors is a prime example of how we can contribute to a better environment while providing cost-effective solutions for you; our customers.   In today’s world environmental…

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Cairns Diesel Injector and Pump Fitting Kits made in the workshop with genuine OEM Parts

Fitting Kits for Diesel Injectors & Pumps

fitting kits Here at CDS we create our own fitting kits for Diesel Fuel Injectors, Pumps, Turbochargers and Inlet Manifolds We source all genuine OEM parts for our kits. We all know finding induvial parts for a fitting kit can be difficult, so we’ve taken the guess work out and made our own custom kits…

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Cairns Diesel Service - Cairns FNQ Best Diesel Injector, Pump and Mechanical Car Repairs

Diesel Engine Wont Start: Troubleshoot Guide

Troubleshooting Diesel Engine Starting Issues: Let’s Find Your Problem Diesel engines are known for their reliability and durability, but sometimes they can encounter starting problems. When your diesel engine fails to start, it can be frustrating and inconvenient. There are several potential causes for this issue, ranging from problems with the starter system to fuel…

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EUI Injector Repair and Service Cairns Diesel Service FNQ

What are EUI Injectors?

What are EUI Injectors? EUI injectors are a type of unit injector (UI) with electronic control. They are commonly used in internal combustion engines, such as those found in on-road and off-road vehicles, diesel-electric locomotives, marine and stationary engines. Similar to conventional unit injectors, EUI injectors deliver pressurized fuel to the cylinder. However, what sets…

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Cairns Diesel Service are the experts in Cairns & FNQ in ECU Remapping for 4WD and all Off-Road Agricultural Applications

What’s Better? ECU Remapping VS Performance Chips

Are you looking to enhance the performance of your vehicle? Maybe you want to improve fuel efficiency, towing capabilities, or off-roading performance. Whatever your reasons may be, Cairns Diesel Service is here to guide you in making the right choice. When it comes to power upgrades for common rail diesel vehicles, two popular options are…

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Cairns Diesel Service Pre-Filter Kit Toyota Hilux Direction Plus

Using A Pre-Filter Will Save You Thousands!

You wouldn’t believe how many customers we see every month that have seriously contaminated fuel systems, that could have been avoided or saved with a pre-filter. As a diesel engine owner, you know how important it is to protect your investment. Once your fuel system is contaminated it can be a very hefty bill, and…

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Win 50,000 Capricorn Bonus Points from Cairns Diesel Service by simply spending $250

Win $500 on your Capricorn Account!

50,000 Capricorn Bonus Points Giveaway! Welcome to Cairns Diesel Service, your leading Diesel Repair Service Centre. We are excited to announce our latest promotion – the 50,000 Capricorn Bonus Points Giveaway! As we celebrate the launch of our new website, we want to show our appreciation to our valued customers by giving away 50,000 Capricorn…

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Cairns Diesel Service New Website Is LIVE!

🎉Exciting news, we are officially LIVE!! 🥳 Cairns Diesel Service is proud to announce the launch of our brand new online store and website! You can now easily browse and purchase parts from our wide range of Diesel Fuel Injectors, Pumps, Turbochargers and so much more. With over 65 years experience CDS is one of…

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Top Tips for Travelling To The Cape

Are you Cape York Ready? ‘The Tip’ is a region of remote wilderness and rugged landscapes, it’s the ultimate destination for adventurers who are up for a challenge Here’s our Top Tips for your Trip! (Say that 5 times fast) 1. RESEARCH ROUTE – Before you head off have your routes planned out in advance.…

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