Top Tips for Travelling To The Cape

☀️ Are you Cape York Ready? 🐊

‘The Tip’ is a region of remote wilderness and rugged landscapes, it’s the ultimate destination for adventurers who are up for a challenge
Here’s our Top Tips for your Trip! (Say that 5 times fast) 😂
1. RESEARCH ROUTE – Before you head off have your routes planned out in advance. For ready made routes there are handy apps such as Queensland National Parks Journey Guide, or there are plenty of personalised itinerarys online. As well as an old trusty hard copy map, it will never fail you! 🗺
2. PACK A SPARE – The terrain out there is unpredictable and it’s safe to say you’ll be needing a spare tyre or two to keep you out of trouble. If in doubt RACQ does service some cape areas so keep their number written down in case of any emergency 🚐
3. FUEL UP – Servos are few and far between out there, so save yourself the stress and fill two jerry cans with spare fuel before you hit the road ⛽️
4. PIMP YOUR RIDE – If you’ve ever needed an excuse to modify your 4WD, The Cape York trip is it! At the very least you’ll want to add a bull bar, two recovery points and a snorkel. The sky is the limit when it comes to aftermarket accessories. We can help you organise upgrades to help make your trip an enjoyable and comfortable experience 🛠🤩
5. COMMUNICATIONS – A Cape York Trip isn’t complete without some radio communication. It’s extremely handy to have a UHF/HF radio to converse with other drivers to check track conditions, signal for help or just having a chat 🎙
We are here to help with all your 4WD needs for your upcoming trip to The Cape!
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