What are EUI Injectors?

What are EUI Injectors?

EUI injectors are a type of unit injector (UI) with electronic control. They are commonly used in internal combustion engines, such as those found in on-road and off-road vehicles, diesel-electric locomotives, marine and stationary engines. Similar to conventional unit injectors, EUI injectors deliver pressurized fuel to the cylinder. However, what sets them apart is the electronic control that allows for precise timing and control of the injector’s internal operations.

Advantages of EUI Injectors

EUI injectors offer several advantages over traditional injectors. Let’s take a closer look at some of these benefits:

  1. Maximum Horsepower: EUI injectors allow for the maximum horsepower to be achieved within the applicable emissions tier. This means that you can enjoy optimal performance without compromising on emissions standards.
  2. Minimum Emissions: EUI injectors are designed to minimize emissions. By precisely controlling the timing and volume of fuel delivery, EUI injectors help reduce harmful pollutants.
  3. Minimum Fuel Consumption: While slightly increasing emissions, EUI injectors can help minimize fuel consumption. This can lead to cost savings in the long run, making them an economical choice.
  4. Optimum Vehicle Performance: With their electronic control, EUI injectors can fine-tune the fuel delivery process, resulting in improved vehicle performance. Whether you’re looking for better acceleration or smoother operation, EUI injectors can help enhance your driving experience.

Construction of EUI Injectors

To understand how EUI injectors work, it’s essential to explore their construction. At the heart of the EUI injector is the built-in plunger pump, which functions similarly to a traditional unit injector. It allows for low-pressure fuel delivery and return to all injectors. However, the EUI injector provides exceptionally high pressure and atomization of fuel during the engine’s power cycles.

The injector is connected to common banks of fuel supply and fuel return, which ensures continuous circulation of fuel within the EUI. This circulation serves the dual purpose of lubricating and cooling the injector. Unlike traditional injectors that use formed steel tubes for connections, EUI injectors utilize stainless steel-reinforced hoses for enhanced durability.

The controlled part of the EUI injector is the solenoid-operated spill valve. When the spill valve is open, fuel is allowed to return to the supply line. However, when the solenoid is energized, the spill valve closes, forcing the fuel through the spray tip and into the cylinder for combustion.

The Four Phases of EUI Operation

Understanding the operation of EUI injectors involves familiarizing yourself with the four key phases:

  1. Fill Phase: During the fill phase, the pump plunger retracts, drawing fuel into the pump chamber from the fuel supply line.
  2. Spill Phase: As the pump plunger descends, the spill valve remains open, allowing fuel to recirculate back to the return line.
  3. Injection Phase: Partway through the pump stroke, the solenoid is energized, closing the spill valve. This forces the fuel into the cylinder through the spray tip, where it mixes with air for combustion.
  4. Pressure Reduction Phase: Towards the end of the pump stroke, the spill valve reopens, allowing the fuel to recirculate and ending the injection phase.

By electronically controlling the timing and volume of fuel delivery within these phases, EUI injectors provide precise control over the combustion process.

Users of EUI Injectors

EUI injectors are predominantly used in Electro-Motive Diesel (EMD) locomotives, marine and stationary engines, and specifically in the 710 family of diesel engines. Their reliability and performance make them an ideal choice for these applications.

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