Remanufactured Exchange Injectors Reduce Waste

It’s not lost on us that the Diesel industry has an environmental impact, so finding innovative ways to reduce our waste and recycle resources is crucial. Remanufacturing diesel fuel injectors is a prime example of how we can contribute to a better environment while providing cost-effective solutions for you; our customers.  

In today’s world environmental sustainability is a top priority. We put this into practice with our Exchange Program which we will explain to you in this post.

The Importance of Remanufacturing

Recycling plays a crucial role in minimizing waste and doing what we can to reduce our over consumption. By repurposing materials that would otherwise end up in landfills, we can conserve valuable resources and reduce energy consumption.

Buying remanufactured injectors, you can actively participate in reducing waste and conserving resources while also saving money. Here are a few ways in which remanufacturing contributes to a better environment:

1. Reducing Landfill Waste

Remanufacturing diesel fuel injectors is an excellent example of the ultimate form of recycling. By reusing non-wearable components, we can significantly reduce waste that goes to landfill, minimizing our impact on the environment. This keeps resources kept in use for as long as possible.

2. Conservation of Raw Materials

Remanufacturing injectors reduces the demand for new raw materials. By reusing non-wearable components, we can conserve valuable resources such as metals and plastics. This conservation contributes to the preservation of materials.

3. Cost-Effectiveness

Now if there’s one thing we can all agree on, is that saving money anyway you can these days is a must! One of the significant advantages of choosing remanufactured diesel fuel injectors is the cost savings. Remanufactured injectors are often more affordable than brand new ones, making them an attractive option for consumers. Despite the lower price, remanufactured injectors are just as good as their brand new counterparts and are tested to meet OEM specifications.

4. Performance and Reliability

Remanufactured diesel fuel injectors undergo rigorous testing to ensure that they meet the highest standards of performance and reliability. These injectors are built to OEM specifications, allowing them to deliver optimal fuel delivery and timing of injection, meeting both performance and emission requirements.

5. Warranty Coverage

Contrary to common misconceptions, remanufactured diesel fuel injectors come with a warranty that is on par with a new replacement injector. This warranty provides consumers with peace of mind, knowing that they are investing in a high-quality product that is backed by the manufacturer.


What is our Exchange Program?

At Cairns Diesel Service, our Remanufactured Exchange program involves the remanufacturing of used core parts to provide a more affordable alternative to our customers. We have a team of highly skilled Diesel Fuel Injection technicians who are trained to meticulously restore and calibrate all types of Common Rail and Pre-Common Rail applications. Through this program, we offer a wide range of Diesel Fuel Injection parts including Common Rail Pumps and Injectors, Pre-Common Rail Injectors, Turbochargers, EUI Injectors,  Rail Assembly’s and various other parts.

The Remanufacturing Process

Now, let’s take a closer look at the remanufacturing process at Cairns Diesel Service

Step 1: Sorting the Core

The remanufacturing process begins with a thorough pre-inspection test to identify any unrepairable damage or issues. This step ensures that only the best quality cores proceed to the next phase.

Step 2: Disassembling

Once the core is deemed suitable for remanufacturing, it is carefully disassembled. This allows our technicians to conduct an in-depth inspection for damage and excessive wear. The disassembled parts are then ultrasonically cleaned at high temperatures to remove all contaminants.

Step 3: Cleaning

To give the core a new lease of life, it undergoes an overhaul clean. This involves a high-pressure wash to ensure that no contaminants are left behind. Following the cleaning process, the core is put on a test bench, which pre-tests for any major faults or leaks while simultaneously flushing it further.

Step 4: Assembly

After cleaning, the core is ready for assembly. Our technicians meticulously assemble the core using all the usable original parts, replacing any necessary components with genuine parts.

Rebuild Remanufacture Diesel Fuel Pump Overhaul in Cairns Diesel Service Rebuild Broken Diesel Pump

Step 5: Testing and Coding

Each remanufactured part undergoes rigorous testing on our state-of-the-art test bench. The test bench records the part’s performance parameters at various flow rates, pressures, and temperatures. Additionally, an ID code is assigned to each part, containing all the performance information. This data is kept on file for quality control purposes and warranty evaluation.

VP Pump Test on Bosch 815 Test Bench

Step 6: Ready for Exchange

Once the remanufacturing process is complete, the parts are now ready to be exchanged. Customers can visit our online marketplace and explore the affordable options available to them. By choosing our remanufactured exchange parts, customers can enjoy the benefits of cost savings, environmental sustainability, and quality assurance.




How Do You Buy Exchange Items?

It’s simple!

Step 1: Shop Exchange Parts

Start by visiting our online store and selecting the ‘Exchange Products’ category. Here, you will find a comprehensive list of all our genuine remanufactured parts, including Injectors, Turbochargers, Pumps, and more. Explore the options available and choose the part that suits your needs.

Step 2: Make a Purchase

Once you have found the desired part, add it to your cart. During the checkout process, you will notice a Core Deposit listed in your cart. This Core Deposit serves as a safety deposit and will be refunded to you upon the return of your old core.

Step 3: Return Your Core

Upon purchasing an exchange item, you will receive a return sheet with your purchase. Fill out the necessary details and ensure that you send this sheet back to us along with your old core. The return sheet serves as a way for us to track the return of cores.

Step 4: Money Back

As soon as we receive your core, we will promptly deposit the Core Charge directly back into your bank account. This charge ensures that we receive cores back for remanufacturing, allowing us to keep the program running successfully.

You can find out even more about how this works here

The Benefits of Exchange

Cost Savings

One of the primary benefits of our exchange program is the significant cost savings it provides. Remanufactured parts are considerably cheaper than brand new parts, allowing customers to save money without compromising on quality. At Cairns Diesel Service, we ensure that all our remanufactured parts meet OE quality standards, ensuring durability and reliability.

Environmental Sustainability

In addition to cost savings, our exchange program also contributes to environmental sustainability. Remanufacturing used core parts reduces the amount of waste generated and prevents valuable materials from being dumped each year. By choosing remanufactured parts, customers actively participate in a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach to diesel fuel injection solutions.

Quality Assurance

At Cairns Diesel Service, we take the quality of our remanufactured parts seriously. Our technicians follow a rigorous process to ensure that each part is fully restored to its original functionality. From disassembling and cleaning to inspecting and testing, every step is meticulously executed to meet the highest standards. By choosing our remanufactured exchange parts, customers can trust that their vehicles will perform just like new.

Warranty Coverage

We understand that our customers value peace of mind when investing in diesel fuel injection solutions. That’s why we offer warranty coverage on all our remanufactured exchange parts. Our parts comply with the OES warranty conditions, providing customers with the assurance that they are backed by our commitment to quality and reliability.


Shop Our Exchange Range

 Our exchange remanufactured diesel fuel injectors, pumps and turbochargers are built to the highest standards, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. We understand the importance of ensuring OEM standards and reliability which is why our remanufacturing process adheres to strict guidelines and utilizes the latest technologies. Check out our wide range of Exchange Diesel Fuel Injectors


Contact Cairns Diesel Service today to learn more about our remanufactured diesel fuel injectors.


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